NewTek's P-Series of High-Pressure and Water Resistant LVDTs provides highly reliable position measurement in deep subsea environments and other extreme high-pressure applications such as pressure test vessels and hydraulic actuators. These sensors serve as suitable replacements for load cells, pots and magnetostrictive sensors in underwater use.

While other position measurement technologies such as load cells and pots fail over time in deep subsea environments, these highly durable, AC-operated linear position sensors are constructed of special heavy-duty, high-pressure alloys to operate reliably at pressures up to 20,000 psi and operating temperatures of -65° to 400°F (-55° to 200°C). Absence of electronics also makes the P-Series suitable for long-term operation in harsh ocean environments, especially important for industries requiring long-term sensor performance to avoid expensive hardware replacement or maintenance.

Other significant features of the sensors include:

• Thick 0.52 inch diameter housing constructed of special alloys avoids corrosion for long-term operation
• Nominal range of +0.90” (+22.86 mm) and more
• Ratiometric output for reduced thermal sensitivity
• Excellent linearity of < ± 0.15% full range
• High-cycle life
• High sensitivity and resolution

In addition to AC-operated sensors, DC-operated LVDTs for high pressure or subsea use are also offered. DC-LVDTs with 4-20 mA output can reduce noise vulnerability and transmit the signal over long runs of cable - often a critical requirement of subsea measurement applications.