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Combating Deadly Food Contamination​
By MaryBeth DiDonna
What are food and beverage companies doing to fight contamination and illness outbreaks?​

Research Lab Supports Multiple Disciplines
By Emily Sigg
​A look inside Purdue University’s nanotechnology cleanroom.

IEST Update 2016
By Jan Eudy
Get up to speed on ISO 14644.​

The Basics of Fume Hood Exhaust Monitoring
By MaryBeth DiDonna
Controlled Environments spoke to Scott Alexander, an Advanced Certification Technician with AGAPE Instruments Service, about why fume hoods are needed in cleanrooms.

Desiccator Cabinets and Cleanrooms
By Mike Buckwalter and Derrick Bryden
​How clean is clean enough?

2020 Vision: The Future of Contract Manufacturing
By Barbara Kanegsberg and Ed Kanegsberg
What potentials and challenges lie ahead?​

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail
By Katherine M. Everett, PE, LEED AP
Avoid the “ready, fire, aim” mentality of project management.

How It Works: Faster and Safer Pathogen Testing of Composite Food Samples
By EMD Millipore
Readybag pouches with granulated culture media from EMD Millipore enable faster and safer pathogen testing in food samples and are designed to simplify and shorten the workflow of pathogen enrichment.

Cleanroom Tip: The Benefits of CHP
By Michael Chonko, PE, CEM
Facilities with controlled environments — whether cleanrooms, dry rooms, or highly integrated specialty labs — are hallmarked by their high levels of energy and water consumption year round, driven in large part by strict parameters controlling process, air purity, humidification, and temperature control.