July/August 2014 Issue  (Digital Edition)

The Many Dimensions of 3D
By Patrice Galvin
Beyond the novelty industry, real innovation is taking place in the 3D printing (a.k.a. additive manufacturing) arena.

Fume Hood Selection for Energy Efficiency
By Ronald Blanchard and Andrea Love
By looking at features, options, and alternatives, fume hood energy impact can be reduced.

Gas Detection in Cleanrooms
By John V. Carvalho III
Testing and proper maintenance go a long way to ensure accuracy and protection from liability.

Clean the Cleanroom, Clean the Product
By Barbara Kanegsberg and Ed Kanegsberg
Product failures can often be avoided by well-planned and validated room and equipment cleaning processes.

Case Study: Decontamination and Validation of Isolators Using Chlorine Dioxide Gas
By Kevin Lorcheim
Use of isolators improved throughput but the sterilization process had to meet requirements as well.

CDER’s Drug Shortages Program
By Bikash Chatterjee

Do safety and quality have to take a hit?

Brookhaven National Laboratory Going Green
By Ahmad Soueid

The new Interdisciplinary Sciences Building earned LEED Gold including the maximum LEED points for energy performance.

How It Works: Ergonomic Seating Solution Makes Dollars and Sense
By Bevco

Cleanroom facilities are constantly monitoring contaminants in the environment. But is the facility aware of the importance of an ergonomic chair and how it impacts productivity?

Cleanroom Tip: The Responsibilities of a Certified CPT Professional
By Richard Bilodeau, PE

The NEBB clearly outlines the responsibilities of a Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT) professional – underpinned by the ultimate responsibility to control the quality of the work, and satisfying the quality of the project testing, “exclusive of acceptance criteria or guaranteeing performance.”