February 2014 Issue  (Digital Edition)

Pinning Hopes on Public-Private Collaboration

By Patrice Galvin
Letter from the editor

Building the Case for Modular Cleanrooms
By MaryBeth DiDonna
Pre-engineered solutions can provide flexibility in cleanroom construction projects.

Negative-Stiffness Vibration Isolation Facilitates Growth of Large Crystals
By Jim McMahon
Elimination of external vibrations plays a key role in crystals destined for use in detecting gamma rays from materials like plutonium and highly enriched uranium.

What Do the New Sterile Compounding Pharmacy Regulations Mean to You?
By Rick Meyer
The Drug Quality and Security Act became law in November and its full impact has yet to be felt.

Pushing Process and Product Development in Microelectronics
By Keith Best
Using a specialty foundry can address some of the hurdles impeding concept to product.

Energy Resolutions for a New Year
By Richard Bilodeau, PE
Advice for lowering operating costs through energy savings options.

Energy Sciences Building Breaks New Ground at Argonne
By Ahmad Soueid
The design of the new ESB reflects the energy-focused research done at Argonne and brings transparency and collaboration to the work environment.

Zero Tolerance, Bans, and De Minimis
By Barbara Kanegsberg and Ed Kanegsberg
There is no such thing as “nothing.”

Cleanroom Tip: Protection Against Electrostatic Discharges
By Erik S. Van Anglen
The selection of ESD control materials depends primarily on the intended use of the facility.