October 2013 Issue  (Digital Edition)

The Importance of Real Sterilization
By Tim Studt
Letter from the editor

International Certification of Cleanroom Training Courses
By Peter Fernie
A European perspective on training and certification standards for professionals involved in testing cleanrooms.

20/20 Vision on Outsourcing
By Barbara Kanegsberg and Ed Kanegsberg
In calculating the outsourcing formula, companies need to look at total cost of ownership and take the long view.

Audit for Compliance
By Jan Eudy
We are a privately owned small business with an ISO Class 8 cleanroom and are preparing for third-party certification. When will we know to contract with a registrar?

Building Environmental Rooms for a Nobel Prize Winner
By David Doherty
Research space in the Albert Sherman Center on the UMass Medical School campus called for 22 environmental rooms to meet demanding and critical requirements.

New CAR in Your Future?
By Barbara Kanegsberg and Ed Kanegsberg
Seeing is believing and new techniques have the potential to light the way to rapid, comprehensive surface characterization.

Championing an ESD Control Program
By Richard Bilodeau,PE
The roadmap to success requires assessment, data, buy-in, planning, training, and a team approach.