September 2013 Issue  (Digital Edition)

Mostly Safe Spacecraft
By Tim Studt
Letter from the editor

Business Continuity Planning to Stay Up and Running
By Patrice Galvin
For complex organizations, such as pharmaceutical companies, the importance of a disaster recovery strategy can’t be overstated.

Solving the Solvent Substitution Puzzle
By Darren L. Williams, Ph.D
Trade inefficient trial-and-error testing for a systematic approach to solvent substitution and blends.

Tracking Environmental Data
By Stewart Thompson
A compounding cleanroom gets a wireless system to monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, and particles — and maintain compliance.

Design and Certification of Compounding Pharmacies
By Patrice Galvin
The wake-up call to compounding pharmacies nationwide means a closer eye on design, certification, and operations.

Holistic Training
By Barbara Kanegsberg and Ed Kanegsberg
Effective education in handling and sanitizing medical devices can reduce potential hazards to healthcare workers and patients.

Working From the Inside Out
By Richard Bilodeau,PE
Several organizations provide standards and guidance on environmental test chamber construction, temperature control standards, and engineering tolerances.

IEST Releases First Nanotechnology Facility Recommended Practices
By Ahmad Soueid
IEST’s NANO200 provides technical design criteria and a practical framework for all phases of a nanoscience and nanotechonology design/build project.

Touch Technology for Cleanroom Controls
By Jason Kandik
A new interface allows cleanroom equipment to be controlled through a touchpad device.