May 2013 Issue  (Digital Edition)

Clean, Flexible, and Sustainable Labs
By Tim Studt
Letter from the editor

Sustainable Packaging
By Michael Mills and Justin Mills
It's not easy to be green in a cleanroom, but packaging choices are one way to lessen environmental impact.

Trimming Down Cleanroom Insulation
By Ed Sullivan
Cleanrooms in pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries are adopting PVDF-based insulation that can reduce cleanroom size requirements.

Cleanroom Maintenance: Sanitation via Filtration
By Rob Decker
Portable industrial vacuum cleaners protect cleanroom integrity by collecting and trapping unwanted particles.

Perfect Water
By Barbara Kanegsberg and Ed Kanegsberg
"What quality of water should I use?" The answer depends on the application.

Validation of Aseptic Cleanrooms for Co-Packing Food Items
By Jan Eudy
How do I build a credible and stable validation process?

A Closer Look at Mini-Environments
By Richard Bilodeau, PE
A mini-environment enhances the cleanroom setting by bringing it to a higher standard.