February 2013 Issue  (Digital Edition)

Life Critical Environments
By Tim Studt
Letter from the editor

Everything Old Is New Again
By Jack Paul
Tips for renovating a cleanroom, or creating a new one in existing space.

Challenges Equal Opportunities
By Abbie Gregg
Successful projects provide guidelines and lessons for the cleanroom renovation or retrofit.

The Ins and Outs of Cleanroom Filters
By MaryBeth DiDonna
Proper care of filters will ensure optimal performance and lower maintenance costs.

The New IEQ
By Chuck McKinney
Sophisticated control technology is making indoor environmental quality more efficient.

Desiccators Keep Products in Spec
By Mike Buckwalter
Selecting storage to prevent deterioration in manufactured goods.

A New Flight Plan for Aerospace Cleaning
By Barbara Kanegsberg and Ed Kanegsberg
Aerospace cleaning specifications are steeped in tradition. They should be updated to reflect actual needs and modern chemicals.

OSHA Voluntary Program Recognizes Effort
By Jan Eudy
VPP offers performance-based criteria for the quality of a health and safety system.

Backup Power Supply
By Richard Bilodeau, PE
Building management systems can provide extra eyes—and intelligence—in an ever-changing environment.