October 2012 Issue  (Digital Edition)

Get Ready to Write
By Rita C. Peters
Letter from the editor

Real-time Monitoring for Quality and Compliance
By Tim Russell
Real-time facility monitoring of airborne viable particles provides data for regulatory compliance and information for quality-based decisions.

Monitoring Hot and Cold Via Remote Control
By Testo Inc.
Remote monitoring systems can help manage temperature fluctuations and protect products and processes.

Animal-free Alternative for Surface Monitoring
By Dr. Yvonne Berghöfer-Hochheimer and Dr. Reiner Hedderich
A vegetable contact agar is demonstrated for use in environmental monitoring of isolators and cleanrooms.

BMS Is Watching
By Richard Bilodeau, PE
Building management systems can provide extra eyes—and intelligence—in an ever-changing environment.

Science-based Savings for Filter Selection and Maintenance
By Sean O’Reilly
As energy prices spiral, the cost to supply clean air and protect people and contamination from a specific manufacturing process increases, along with an awareness and expectation to protect the environment.

From Cubicle Farm to Cleanroom
By Mark Paskanik
With space—and capital—at a premium, accurate planning and creativity can convert offices into clean laboratories.

Creative Culture in a Controlled Environment
By Ahmad Soueid
At Purdue University’s Birck Nanotechnology Center, the facility’s form continues to drive research functions.

Can You Outsource Critical Cleaning?
By Barbara Kanegsberg and Ed Kanegsberg
Contractors can do the cleaning but cleanliness levels ultimately are the owner’s responsibility.

Recipes for Food Manufacturing Cleanliness
By Jan Eudy
Standards and recommended practices establish guidelines for compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act.