September 2012 Issue  (Digital Edition)

We're Curious, Too.
By Rita C. Peters
Letter from the editor

Cleanroom Cleaning 101
By MaryBeth DiDonna
Cleaning a cleanroom is a difficult task. The right tools, procedures, and attitude ensure the job is completed properly.

Beyond Wash and Fold
By Charles W. Berndt
Standard operating procedures—and common sense—ensure that cleanroom garments are processed to required levels.

A Quick (and Clean) Exit and Entrance
By Dawn V. Brown
Automatic doors can provide safe cleanroom access for workers, while maintaining room cleanliness and pressure levels.

A new best friend, in 3D
By Richard Bilodeau, PE
Building information modeling (BIM) can maintain all the necessary information about a facility throughout its life cycle.

Building Clean Products in the Cleanroom
By David Jackson
An integrated workflow—using carbon dioxide spray cleaning—can reduce contamination and increase yields.

Food Fusion for Thought
By Barbara Kanegsberg and Ed Kanegsberg
Can environmental goals meld with production challenges? Controlled environment practices may be the ingredient for success.

Clearing the Air on Solvent Use
By John Durkee, PhD, PE
Can solvent-based cleaning users and air quality regulators find a workable solution? Specifications defined in Europe can be a model for other regions to follow.