Problem: Components such as light fixtures, HEPA fan filter units, and pressure gauges are integral to maintaining the functionality and performance of a cleanroom. Traditionally, hard wiring these units is a labor-intensive process that requires extensive involvement from a certified electrician. This process ultimately extends the enclosure installation time frame and adds to the overall labor cost.

Solution: Simplex Isolation Systems’ convenient “Twist-Lock” electrical wiring package allows the installer to complete most of the electrical connections within the enclosure, minimizing the time and cost of an electrician. Any new SIS-797, SIS-212 or AirLock enclosure can take advantage of the new “Twist-Lock” package, significantly reducing the amount of time required to install electrical components. Unlike traditional hard wiring methods, Simplex’s “Twist-Lock” pre-engineered package can be quickly and easily locked together by the enclosure installers as the enclosure is constructed — requiring an electrician only for the final service connection.

The benefits of modular electrical wiring over traditional hard wiring methods are far reaching:

• Custom-built: “Twist-Lock” design allows for total flexibility of component layout

• Greater versatility: all wiring can be reconfigured and reused if a change to the enclosure is made.

• Added convenience: ability to complete the electrical connections while the enclosure is being assembled.

• Installation time: the “Twist-Lock” electrical wiring package from Simplex reduces the total installation time and labor cost.

• Faster utilization: Allows for quicker utilization of the enclosure.

The pre-engineered electrical package is available for components such as lights, HEPA filters, and electrical outlets. All switches, outlet boxes, and wiring fit neatly into Simplex’s standard framing system for a clean, professional look. All wiring is brought to a convenient distribution box atop the enclosure where an electrician can finish the installation by connecting the single point connection to a power source.

The package includes “Twist-Lock” connectors, which inherently offer more reliable connections than other modular connectors. This simple connection technology helps to eliminate installation errors. Enclosure installers would simply connect the female and male connectors together and twist to lock the connection securely in place.

All wiring is 20 amp/125V, hard service, thermoplastic and weather resistant. From a reliability standpoint, all components are factory tested and comply with UL 183 and the National Electrical Code (NEC) 604.

The electrical package is 100 percent customizable to meet the needs of the enclosure’s application. Factors such as equipment placement, counter heights, and voltage requirements are all taken into consideration and accommodated for when designing electrical outlet or switch placement.

Custom electrical components are also available in the package, such as 3-way modular switching—a configuration ideal for larger cleanrooms that includes switches for multiple points of entry—and plenum-rated cabling—flame-retardant cabling required for cleanrooms with plenum spaces.

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